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Join our kindergarten and school

Welcome to Or Avner, a place where

natural curiosity and imagination lead to

discovery in learners of all ages.

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Israeli Teachers for the Hebrew Program   

International Teachers for the English Program


Jewish Identity: Hebrew Language and Jewish Traditions

Kosher and Healthy Food


Hebrew Program (60%) : National Israeli Curriculum taught by Hebrew native speakers

English Program (40%):Early Years Actitivities in English, Reading and Writing in English taught in a multisensorial way,  African Drumming, Math and ICT with an Indian teacher

Evening Hebrew Classes for Children

Romanian and English Courses for Adults

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What Parents Say

  • When I found out about the relocation of our family to Romania my first and main concern was about the school for my 8-year-old daughter. Now, after one year, I can say we were blessed with the perfect school, which was actually not just a school with an extremely professional team , but also a loving home with an attention to every child, a lot of interesting experiences, and excellent healthy food. I would like to emphasize the work of English teachers Isabella and Eunice, which was beyond of all possible expectations, they made a miracle teaching so much within just one year. I cannot miss the amazing teachers Sarit and Liran who not just taught according to the curriculum, but also provided students with different lessons like creative writing, etc. I would like to thank you all: Risha, Sarit, Liran, for a wonderful year! Masha Sabag

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