Principal’s Welcome

                                                                                                                          “ Education is the way and the human being is the target. “
Welcome to Or Avner-Green Kindergarten and School!
We believe that educators need to meet all the needs of  a child (emotional, physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual). We believe in encouraging our children to become independent  and to develop  internal motivation for learning. We provide them with opportunities to develop good learning skills, we inspire them to love their homeland, to develop Jewish values, to become aware of their  identity and their roots and to love and respect the society that adopts them.
In a dynamic  world  where information changes on a daily basis, we inspire our students to develop thinking skills, to ask questions, to look for answers and information on their own, to select and summarize information,  to put together the old and the new information,to share their knowledge with their peers in writing or speaking, and to use all this information in their future personal or professional lives. 
We motivate each child to reach their personal excellence , we give them the tools to  succeeed and to use their potential, to grow into  good human beings with Jewish values, loving and respecting both their homeland and the country that adopts them .
I believe that learning is a continuous process . Providing our educational staff with up -to -date training  is my most important target as a principal of Or Avner-Green Kindergarten and School.
Sarit Lazar