Or Avner-Green Kindergarten and School follows the Israeli National Curriculum for the program in Hebrew and the best U.K and U.S. practice and resources for the program in English.

Children are divided by age groups:

  • Baby Group (10 to 24 month old)
  • 2-4’s
  • 4-6’s
  • 1st Grade (6-7’s)

While Israeli qualified staff supported by Romanian teacher assistants deliver the Israeli National Curriculum,  International qualified teachers deliver the English curriculum to our children. We  have a Math and ICT program in English with an Indian qualified teacher, African drumming classes with  a South- African teacher and Art and Craft program with a Romanian artist.

Our holistic approach to child development seeks to simultaneously address the physicalemotionalsocial, and cognitive aspects of a child’s life. In our kindergarten we focus on developing language skills (speaking skills, writing skills, listening and comprehension skills) in both  Hebrew and English .

Our target is to develop an independent learner with excellent abilities in all the fields:

  • good knowledge of  Hebrew language and Jewish tradition
  • good command of English
  • Mathematical abilities to the possible best
  • creative and musical exposure as well as personal development