Shavuot is the day G_d gave the Torah to the nation of Israel. The festival marks the completion of the seven-week counting period between Passover and Shavuot. Shavuot was the first day when people could bring the Bikkurim (first fruits) to the Temple in Jerusalem. The Bikkurim were brought from the Seven Species for which the Land of Israel is praised: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates.


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In Or Avner -Green Kindergarten and School we celebrate Shavout dressed in white and wearing flower crowns on our heads. On Shavout we learn about the exciting moment of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, we read the story “Mountains’ Fight”,  we learn about the tradition of eating milk products and about the whole milking process, we learn about wheat and the bread making process. On the day before Shavout,  children bring a basket full of fruits for poor people. Shavout is a time for songs and dance, for games, for learning how to milk a goat, how to make cheese cake and enjoy a fancy dairy meal together.