Vision and Mission

  • We believe that children need to know who they are, where they come from, where they belong to. In Or Avner-Green Kindergarten and School, children learn about their Jewish identity, about their Jewish traditions and about their roots.


  • Our small class sizes allow for a positive and supportive learning environment. A safe learning environment encourages independence, critical thinking, risk taking, internal motivation and a healthy personality.


  • Our target is to grow an independent learner with good learning skills and motivated to excel in every field as well as preserving his Jewish identity, loving his mother country and keeping the Jewish traditions.


  • Our uniqueness as a school and kindergarten is that we develop Jewish identity and  Hebrew language as well as the English language to our kids that live outside Israel.


  •  Or Avner-Green offers a complete educational programme in both English and Hebrew for children aged 10 months to 8 years old.


  • We offer English and Romanian  classes for adults and  Hebrew classes for children aged 8 – 15.